Best Men’s Boots Under 100 – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are a lot of companies selling some of the best boots currently available in the market. Many brands are claiming their boots are the best and most affordable ones available in the market. To know how much truth is there in their claims, we have to use those boots.

However, we can’t check all the boots to find out the best ones for us. So, here we are with some of the best boots currently available in the market under 100. Our researchers have spent a significant amount of time online to find out the best boots for men under 100.

Our Top five recommended men’s boots

When you know you’ve got a low budget, it can be pretty tough to find a quality pair of boots. Besides, you need to find those work boots that suit your tastes, proving to be more of a challenge. We’ve done some of that groundwork for you so you can speed things up. In this guide, we’ll help you find clever ways to buy men’s boots under 100.

#1. Timberland’s White Ledge Mid-Ankle Waterproof Boot

These boots give you the best trail-ready performance for under 100. They are made with full-grain leather that is waterproof. The rustproof speed lace ensures that your laces don’t wear out. The full rubber sole gives you the best durability and toughness on the outside and superior softness on the inside.

#2. Merrell’s Moab 2 Mid-Ankle Waterproof Hiking boot

The M Select Dry technology locks out moisture and lets sweat, water escape too. This boot keeps your feet dry and gives you the best in comfort. Its crafted with a mesh and suede leather upper fitted on a synthetic sole. The sole features the Merrell air-cushioning system to absorb shock, promote better stability.

#3. Caterpillar’s Second Shift Steel Toe Boot

The Second Shift boot is made with a synthetic sole with a heel measuring 1.25 inches. These boots are cut out for tough construction sites and are made with leather and an oil-resistant outsole. The boot sports an ankle-cut design, complete with a steel toe and a padded ankle.

#4. Skechers RelmentPelmo Chukka Waterproof boot

This relaxed fit boot has a memory foam interior for a custom comfort fit. It has a leather and synthetic build and a synthetic sole. The boot is fully waterproof and comes in several sizes and nine color patterns.

#5. Caterpillar’s Outline Construction Boot

This boot has a more relaxed fit and softer exterior. It is also made from leather, with a full rubber sole for optimal wear and durability. The insole is removable can be replaced with any orthopedic or custom insole. The boot isn’t waterproof but comes with a steel toe.

Why you should need the best men’s boots?

Some work environments are rough, filled with gravel, grease and live wires. It’s up to you to wear protective gear. The finest boots under 100 protect your feet and go a long way in reducing injury

  • Preventing falls

The risks of tripping, slipping, and dangerous falls are all part of a day’s work. You also need to work on floors that are oily, wet and stand close to wires. A solid pair of the preeminent men’s boots under 100prevents these risks by giving you a better grip with stable footing, slip-resistant soles, so you move easily.

  • Puncture prevention

As you work, you will come across hard, sharp objects strewn across the ground. The right work boots prevent these from injuring your feet. Other times, tools, hard objects might fall from a height onto your feet. Shoes with heavy-duty soles, thicker exterior materials eliminate these issues.

  • Falling objects

Work boots have toe caps made out of steel and composite materials to prevent crushed feet, broken or lost toes. These fatalities are just some of the things that can go wrong when things fall, and you don’t have your men’s boots under 100usd on. Think of what could happen in fishing or logging industries when hammers, smaller logs or fishing lines fall or get stuck on your feet.

  • Electrical Hazards

Electricity is another bigger risk, and normal shoes really don’t cut it in your workplace. Safety work boots are made using non-conductive materials like leather, rubber, and no metal lace eyelets or attachments.

  • Extreme weather protection

Sometimes you have to work in full snow conditions. Your protective work gear includes the best men’s boots under $100 that cut down hypothermia, frostbite. In extreme heat, boots that lock out moisture and keep your feet cool are a must. Wet environments can leave your feet soggy and lead to infections over a long time. Waterproof boots can protect your feet here.

Top-rated 10 Men’s boots under $100 – Reviews

Best Men's Boots Under 100
Best Men’s Boots Under 100

Now, we will discuss the list of men’s boots under 100 available in the market.

#1. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland men’s waterproof ankle boot gives your feet many positive experiences. This boot is awesome looking and provides the user with better comfort and durability. The fantastic hiking boot is very special customized from LWG Silver-rated tannery. They provide the customers 100% pure leather to make these boots durable. It is one of the best waterproof boots.

Seam-sealed construction is another attraction of this product. Besides, the boots are rustproof too. Outsoles are made with solid rubber, and there is a fully gusseted tongue. The lace hooks are speed lace hardware, designed so well at the top of these white Ledge shoes. EVA footbed and EVA midsole are also available to increase its perfection.

Timberland ankle boots have multi-directional lugs that make a huge difference from other products. Timberland always offers you a brand’s passion, including a purposeful style for enjoying your every step. Get ready for your adventure on the mountain trails!

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  • Full-grain waterproof leathers.
  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction.
  • Tight grips for extra caring that make your journey safe and stressless on trails.
  • Speed lace hardware with lace hooks.
  • EVA footbed and EVA midsole.


  • You must focus on the shoe-laces as they become lose a few times quite unknowingly.

#2. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

 Merrell Men’s Moab is a well-designed waterproof boot. It helps to escape the moisture quickly to stay dry on the mountain trails. Suede leather performs great and makes the upper portion attractive. A closed-cell foam tongue helps your feet to become debris and moisture-free. The Merrell air cushion takes an important role as a heel absorber that adds more stability and durability. There is a protective rubber toe cap with a 5mm depth, and the seams are well sealed.

Moreover, this hiking bootis highly recommended to turn your long journeys into an experience or an adventure. FIT.ECO and blended EVA contoured footbeds are customized in Merrell Men’s Moab. On rocky meadows, have a safe and stressless walk through the reliable tight-grips. In addition, you can enjoy heel support with a zonal arch.

Also, this hiking boot is made with Vibram TC5+ sole and breathable mesh lining, both very rich and set examples of “quality.”

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  • Best waterproof hiking boot.
  • 100% suede types of leather.
  • Vibram traction and supportive footbed.
  • Thoughtfully designed product— delivers excellence, durability, and versatility.
  • Kinetic Fit ADVANCED removable contoured insole.


  • No such cons found.

#3. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

 The caterpillar men’s second shift steel toe work boots are currently one of the best boots available in the market. These boots are made with 100% leather. This imported quality boot is one of the best boots coming with synthetic soles.

The shaft measures are approximately 6″ from the arch. It is one of the best boots currently available in the market. The heel of this boot measures almost 1.25,” and the platform measures is almost 0.75″.

With these simple stats, you can easily say that these boots are incredible, and it provides absolute comfort to them wearing it. There are many people using these boots, and they will agree with us on the quality of the boot. The ankle-cut work boot with the steel toe and padded ankle is an excellent quality boot with an oil-resistant outsole.

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  • The bootis made of 100 percent leather.
  • It comes with a durable synthetic sole available in the market.
  • The shaft measures almost 6″ from arch.
  • The ankle-cut boots come with steel toe and padded ankle.
  • It has an oil-resistant outsole.


  • Size chart can be a little confusing for some customers.

#4. Skechers Men’s Element Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

The Skechers Men’s Waterproof Boot is another incredible product with some of the best features in it. Men’s boots have to be durable. They should have a combination of 100% leather and synthetic. It is also the imported quality boot that has a synthetic sole.

The shaft measures of the boot will be going ankle-high from the arch. The boot is waterproof and includes memory foam for utter comfort and relaxed feet. Try the incredible Skechers Men’s Element Pelmoas it is one of the best waterproof boots available in the market. It provides great comfort. Also, it is water-resistant and is great for snow and hiking.

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  • Imported quality boot available in the market.
  • It includes a durable synthetic sole.
  • This waterproof boot with ankle-high shaft measures from the arch will provide utter comfort for you.
  • The bootis incredible memory foam available in the market.
  • It will provide relaxed feet.


  • The boots are not completely made of leather.

#5. Caterpillar Men’s Outline Construction Boots

 Outline construction boots are one of the best fashion boots available in the market. And as Caterpillar is one of the most trusted men’s boots suppliers, their outline construction boots came inevitably on our list. This is the second entry of caterpillar boots on our list and for obvious reasons.

Moreover, the caterpillar men’s boot provides the best quality and comfort of the cat work boots at an ideal and affordable price. This new outline boot is well-equipped with electrical hazard protection and slip resistance.

Also, this outlined boot is premium quality full-grain leather boots that provide comfort in your toes. The 100% leather imported boot is one of the best men’s boots available in the market.

Besides, it includes a rubber sole and has a removable insole with them. It has a durable sole with shaft measures of almost 6″ from the arch.

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  • The imported quality boots are made with 100% leather.
  • It has a durable rubber sole and a removable insole.
  • The shaft measures are approximately 6″ from arch.
  • It is a slip-resistant men’sboot.
  • It is well-equipped for electrical hazard protection.


  • The boot is not waterproof.

#6. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

 These soldier tactical military combat boots are one of the best boots you can currently opt for in the market. There are many durable boots available out there, but these are the best men’s hiking boots made up of plaid fabric. Besides, these durable anti-puncture boots are incredible for rough usage. These boots have an incredible grip providing a stronghold to the ground. The geometrical pattern designs have made these boots slip-resistant and lightweight, and flexible.

Moreover, these boots supply incredible cushioning for the hikers’ feet. The boots are breathable and are comfortable for everyone in the market. Besides, these collar-made boots are soft, and they come with breathable Lycra fabrics. The moisture-wicking quality of these boots provides extra comfort too.

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  • Incredibly durable and very protective.
  • Breathable and comfortable for the people
  • Lightweight and are a perfect fit for your
  • Very trendy and are a practical buy at this price.
  • Best boot for men, both indoor and outdoor.


  • No such cons found

#7. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-on Soft Toe Boot

 These are the best back-to-basics work boots available in the market. These pull-on boots are easy to use and are tough and durable. These pull-on styles are quick and will help you to keep you protected.

The strength of the Goodyear Welt will deliver incredibly constructed durable boots. These long-wearing boots are water-resistant. They will always keep you protected. These boots are flexible and will reduce the risk of slip and falls with the rubber outsole. It is an incredible solution to the basic problem of men’s boots.

Stay focused on the job and be comfortable the entire time. These boots will keep you safe from electrical hazards too. These 100% leather-made boots are perfect for the different working environment our men have to go to. It will provide the best comfort to all the wearer. Try these boots today.

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  • Made of 100% leather
  • Imported quality boots
  • Includes a durable rubber sole in these boots.
  • Oil and slip-resistant boot
  • The soft-toe work boots are rugged in full-grain leather featuring a dual pull-on loop with logo tag.


  • These boots are water-resistant but might not be waterproof.

#8. WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot

 The overpass fuses with the ultimate innovation of the wolverine to come up with this ultimate combination of durability, power, and performance. The thinner, the better carbon max toe-caps are lightweight and are ASTM approved.

The contoured motion-max technologies will allow the boot to bend and flex at the different essential points for the best performance. Besides, the overpass features are immensely waterproof with breathable membranes to ensure the breathability of your feet.

The wolverine is an incredible American brand, and just like its name after the great mutant superhero, these companies provide superior material in their boots to make them strong and durable.

Furthermore, these wolverine boots can withstand the toughest of environments and will provide the best comfort. These boots are also made with 100% leather and textile. The rubber sole is one of the most durable soles for the boots available.

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  • Includes a durable rubber sole.
  • Waterproof.
  • Removable ortholite cushioned footbed for enhanced comfort.
  • These boots are flexible, athletic contour welt.
  • The shaft measures almost 5″ from arch.


  • It is not completely made with leather.

#9. NOR 8 Men’s ankle-high Waterproof Hiking Boots

 These rubber-soled boots are the best boots available in the market. The shaft measures for these boots are almost 6″ from the arch. The heel measures almost 1 inch. These boots are waterproof and will protect you from any discomfort on your way.

Furthermore, these boots are the most favorite boots for hikers and trekkers. These boots feature some great waterproof membranes with synthetic features. They keep your feet cool and dry. The rubber toe cap is lightweight and is designed to ensure anti-collision. These things strengthen the stability of your shoes.

Furthermore, these are durable and slip-resistant boots and are incredibly flexible and comfortable to use. The durable rubber outsole is stable and slip-resistant too. The rugged rubber outsole with multi-directional traction will improve the grip and will provide more durability. Also, the removable insole provides great all-day comfort to you too.

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  • These boots are the most durable boots we have out there
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant
  • Approximately 6″ shaft arc will provide comfort
  • Designed to keep your feet protected
  • Flexible to absorb foot fatigue and shock


  • There is no steel toe included

#10. Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Waterproof Steel Toes Industrial boots

 If providing durable shoes to the people out there is an art, then Caterpillar is the best artist. They are one of America’s most trusted shoe accompany. They are providing some of the best boots with comfort at the most affordable prices. These boots are waterproof and are slip-resistant too.

Moreover, these boots provide leather upper for durability and provide a soft removable insole for enhanced comfort. These imported quality rubber sole boots are among the best ones you can opt for in the market. This slip-resistant outsole exceeds ASTM standards for better grip and a lower traction rate.

So, these waterproof seamed seals provide all-around protection for your feet. The quality grain leather uppers are very durable and protective too.

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  • These shoes are some of the best durable shoes available in the market.
  • These imported quality shoes have durable rubber-sole.
  • These are slip-resistant boots with enhanced comfort.
  • Quality full-grain leather uppers are durable and protective.
  • These protect abrasion resistance too.


  • Size chart is a little confusing for some customers.

How to Choose the best men’s boots under 100

Choosing the best men’s boots can be a difficult task. The trendiness, style, prices, and colors all compete for priority. Add to that list longevity, versatility, functionality, and you are good to go with the best men boots. But from where do you even initiate?

Let us look at some of the facts and features while getting yourself one of the best boots under 100.

It’s not always possible to have a bigger budget for good boots. Works boots aren’t cheap, yet we need them for staying safe at work. If premium boots are out of your range, you could consider the lower budget ones. They are just as good and offer you good comfort and support.

  • Uppers

If you have 100 dollar budget, you may have to struggle to find good leather uppers. Synthetics uppers come in next, and they have a shorter life span, don’t breathe easily, and crack. There are under 100 leather boots, but the leather is often thinner and not so premium. Some people feel that a leather, mesh, and nylon mixed upper design suits their budget and their needs – again, it’s all up to you.

  • Soles

When shopping around, you’ll come across features like Goodyear welt or Blake Stitch. These tell you that the quality and durability of those boots is the longest. They are also labor-intensive and costly for you. Boots under 100 are made using the cemented method, and this involves using industrial-grade glue to hold the soles and uppers together. These soles can’t be repaired or resoled.

  • Rubber soles

Normally there isn’t much of a range under 100, and this all comes down to your personal preferences. Leather soles are preferred here, but rubber soles give you more traction and durability when worn.

Under 100, you can have soles made with an assortment of materials featuring stacked heels and more rubber inserts and could make a difference on wet, cemented surfaces.

  • Lacing

Laces come in the typical woven or braided laces and leather laces. Most laces are the first thing on your bootsthat wear out easily. Many a time, you can swap out worn-out laces for a replacement pair. One thing you can’t change is the eyelets, so make sure these are rustproof.

Buying guide of best Men’s boots under $100

Whether you want to get yourself outdoors boots or wear formal boots, you need to consider certain features. Here are some guides you should look for while getting your hands on one of the best men’s boots.

  • Waterproof

Giving the inclement months, you will have a high chance of wearing boots. So the upper material of your boot should be resilient so that it can stand up to every weather condition.

Try to look for a waterproof casing pair that has been pretreated with the famous water-resistant Technology. Now you can treat yourself with a waterproof boot before you step out in any wet weather condition.

  • Warmline

Many men’s boots provide insulation as they come lined with synthetic materials or wool-like Thinsulate. If you stay in a cold climatic place, make sure that you buy a boot that offers you comfort. Consider this fact before indulging in any pair.

  • Wearability

Consider the wearability of your boot before buying one. For instance, if you are taking your dog out in a cold-weather condition, the type of boat you will be wearing is different from the one you wear in the office.

  • Grip

A slim sole might look classy, but it can offer you discomfort in wet weather conditions.

  • Functionality

Whenever you’re buying a men’s boot, check for functionality. The purchase would depend upon whether you are wearing it for outdoor activity or office.

Types of Men’s boots:

Work Boots

Work boots are weather-proof and Chunky with a built-in function. They provide the full utility with their features like waterproof liners, insulated uppers, and treated outsoles. Millions of men rely on the use of work boots. Be it snow or mud or warm weather climate, and work boots provide comfort inside out.

Heritage boots

This style has a different degree of modernity depending on which model you choose. The typical feature of The Heritage boots comes with waxed laces and Leather soles. It is a perfect compromise between function and fashion. These boots, however, lack the durability of work boots.

Dress boots

The dress boot often has the characteristics of formal and traditional silhouette. It is perfect wear for every gentleman who wants to maintain the tradition of a classy environment. You can wear the men’s dress boot to keep a classic and neutral style statement. The rubberized soles with heavier features help to provide an essential grip to your feet.

Chelsea boots

It is one of the inventions that go back to the Victorian era. The original design of this boot was easy to remove riding boots. The name has been derived from the 1960 Chelsea scene. You can distinguish the Chelsea boots from their elasticated side panels.

Wear these kinds on any occasion, including your work. It is one of the timeless styles that never drops off in the fashion radar of men’s wear. Black skinny jeans along with a leather biker jacket can complete the look with Chelsea boots. Be it a casual or a formal outing, the Chelsea boot can never go wrong.

Avant-Garde boots

Avant-garde boots are difficult to wear unless you support your look with an entire wardrobe built. The unfamiliar styling and the price tag, along with the lack of utility, make these boots completely inaccessible. However, with cropper confidence, you can pull off any boots.

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User guide of the men’s boots under 100 USD

Fitting of your boot

You look for the men’s boot keeping comfort in mind. Select the pair that fits you perfectly. While you are trying the boot, make sure that your feet feel supported and snug. To ensure that your boots are not small, you can test them by putting one finger inside the boot from behind your feet.

Cleaning of your boot

Suppose taken care then boots are one of the most durable ones. But they tend to get dirty. In that case, clean your boat with a damp cloth. Additionally, you can scrub it with the brush gently. Clean the laces of the boots by soaking them in warm water consisting of laundry detergent.

Dry both your shoe and the laces naturally. Some of your boots might need a suede brush and mink oil to regain the softness.


Make sure that you store the boots correctly after cleaning and drawing. Stuff your boots with shoe trees or paper to maintain the boot’s shape when you are not using it. It is a mandatory fact that you store the boots upright to maintain their quality.

Are waterproof work boots worth it?

With durable construction and toughness, the men’s work boot should have protective qualities. Without any further ado, let us see if the waterproof work boots can keep up with the standards.

  • Safety

Work boots should have other protective qualities to protect the user feet from any stress or injury. While one is working throughout the day needs to feel their feet insulated and protected.

  • Style

Just because your boots are supportive and safe, it does not mean that they cannot be stylish. You can avail men boots in different designs and various colors. Many people wear them just as a fashion statement.

  • Comfort

Waterproof work boots have shock absorption techniques. They are designed to provide your ankle with the desired support and prevent rolling.

Top features of the men’s boots under 100 USD

Let’s consider some of the top features –

Waterproof treatment

The basic idea of buying boots is to keep your feet comfortable and relaxed. Some of the boots have waterproof materials, whereas others have certain premium features. Make sure to look for the seams of the boot. It would be best if you tame it properly to prevent any leakage.

The intrusion of the membrane on either side of the boot tongue is necessary to prevent leakage from the front.


The boots should have a durable construction to prevent falling while you are wearing them. The intrusion of strong and synthesized leather is necessary to hold everything together. To prevent premature wear, the company should provide extra bumpers on the heel and the boot’s toe.


If you buy smaller boots, it can cause pain and blisters on your feet. At the same time, oversized boots can cause discomfort. Check for the right side of the boot so that you can prevent discomfort and numbness.

Safety standards

Boots can provide safety to your feet. The non-slip outer sole helps to prevent the user from losing their footing on slippery and wet surfaces.

The men’s boots have different names owing to their functionality. These are one of the reliable footwear that a person can have in their closet. Along with the safety standards, they can also provide style statements. Before you purchase any men’s boot, make sure you go through this article to have a satisfying purchase.

Why did We recommend Those men’s boots?

It’s pretty tempting to pick up a pair of boots for work that has a low price tag. We recommend holding that off till you shop around for the right fit and after reading this guide. Being patient will result in nice boots that look great and last a much longer time.

  • From our picks

For instance, our guide on unsurpassed men’s boots under 100lists the Caterpillar brand boots for 70 and 65 that feature steel toes, rubber soles are very durable. They’re both made out of leather, too, that ages well if you maintain them.

  • Why just these top 10?

While our top five recommended boots are nice for this price point, they may not be as good as some premium ones. Sure, the price may be less, but they will last longer, and you save money that way. They should last for a decent amount of time before you replace them.

  • Best in durability

Our top five recommendations include brands known for their quality, and with that comes the promise of durability. Yes, 100 can get you a really good pair of boots. We know that this isn’t possible for you every time; that’s why we worked extensively to find top quality, branded men’s boots under 100.

You don’t have to save up and wait for new boots or make do with what you’ve got. Stick to your 100 budget, and we’re sure you’ll be happy with our recommendations!

Should you buy boots half size bigger?

Buying boots a half size bigger is a popular shopping trend. Most people buy paramountmen’s boots under 100based on the way they fit their feet while wearing socks. Then, they down or up a size. This is because footwear sizing isn’t standardized.

Knowing your size

Since there’s no fixed size guide, one size nine boot offered from one brand may a size 8 from another brand. To know your foot size, measure your foot from the heel to toe and then search for a shoe size.

Mismatch feet

Many men have noticed how one foot is bigger than the other. So, a certain shoe size might end up making one foot feel squashed in, and that boot is either too short or tight. So, they usually go with one size bigger.

Boot style

Certain boots have narrow heels, medium width or too much volume. These factors can distort the way a boot fits on your feet. After measuring your foot, don’t use your sneaker size as a reference to buy boots. Boots are wider with increased volume with the assumption that you will wear them with thicker socks. So, boots should be a bigger size than shoes.

Getting the right fit

The idea of sizing up is to get the right fit once you’ve got your socks on. Certain people have made the mistake of getting a snug fit, but the boots got tighter after wearing socks. However, the best men’s boots under 100 mustn’t be too big so as to leave an even bigger space resulting in your feet moving around.

Faq/Question and Answer

What do I do if both feet are different sizes?

This one’s easy! If both feet have unique sizes, then buy two pairs of topmen’s boots under 100in the required sizes. Otherwise, settle for work boots in the larger size. You could use a heel insert or a thicker insole in the smaller foot.

What do I do if I have wide feet?

Never attempt to stuff broader feet into a narrow width boot. Also, don’t size up when buying regular boots, even if that pair is larger and fits the foot width. This boot will be too long and will result in blisters, chafing and cause your heel to slip. There are affordable boots that are designed for wider feet – pick these up instead.

Do I really need socks?

We recommend wearing the right pair of socks with your boots. They help to reduce bulk, improve circulation and let your feet breathe. If your finest men’s boots under 100 are brand new, they even prevent pinching and help you break in your boots faster.

Will try on a single shoe work?

Try on both boots. See if your feet can move around freely, especially when tied at the laces. If not, then untie them so you can move, walk around easily.


So, these were some of the best boots available on the eCommerce website nowadays. We had a team of experts spending a lot of time online to find out the best boots available. They have checked hundreds of boots, compared them with each other depending on price, comfort, review ratings, and more to come up with this list of the best mens boots under 100. These boots have all the quality men look for in their boots.  Try this incredible collection of affordable boots today.

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