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About Me

Carlos M. LesperanceMy name is Carlos M. Lesperance, and I am the founder of boothere.com. Born in a small town in Canada, I am now a content writer living in California with my wife and two dogs.

I am knowledgeable about footwear in general but have used many company boots for work, hiking, and hunting extensively since I was young!

Nowadays my favorite hobbies include traveling around the world with my family as much as possible to explore new places on Earth while I can still do it!

In this blog, you’ll find reviews about different types of boots as well as articles about what’s new in the industry or anything else related!

About Boothere.com

Boothere.com is a blog dedicated to the best boots on the market. Our mission is to find and review the top brands, styles, and types of boots available so you can buy with confidence. Boothere’s handy buying guides will help you make your choice based on your needs or budget – we even have a guide for amazon affiliate marketing!

We love what we do because our reviews are honest and unbiased (we get no kickbacks from any companies) which means that when we recommend a boot, it’s because it deserves your money.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, feel free to contact us via the contact page.